5 Best Marketing Podcasts for 2017

Tired of the same old sports talk radio on your drive to work or between appointments? Feed your brain and get better at your job by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are an intimate way of getting information in stereo versus reading a book or an email. And we always advise you to not read or text while driving! I’m a corporate fellow at the University of Houston-Downtown. MBA students in my marketing class asked about my favorite marketing podcasts. Below is my list. I hope you find them as useful and entertaining as I do!

1. Marketing Over Coffee
If you want to know what is going on in the marketing world, Marketing Over Coffee is perfect for you. Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, it’s a news in marketing podcast vs. one that focuses on one topic. Episodes are usually under 30 minutes.

2. Louder Than Words
Want to be more successful at marketing? Louder Than Words focuses on creative leaders, and it shows what they have done to be successful in the creative world. John Bonini is the host and always brings together great interviews from diverse backgrounds under the marketing umbrella.

3. Marketing Smarts Podcast
MarketingProfs is a great resource and does a new 30 minute episode every week. Each episode features interviews with awesome marketers and creative entrepreneurs. MarketingProfs also has a daily e-newsletter that is well worth the time to read.

4. Duct Tape Marketing
Duct Tape Marketing is a quick 20-minute podcast that packs a big punch. Despite being one of the shortest marketing podcasts, they always have great guests including authors and marketing luminaries.

5. The BeanCast Marketing Podcast
Get the latest news and trends of the marketing world on this fun podcast. The BeanCast has great humor and will keep you engaged. Guest topics include marketing, advertising and public relations. I’ve also heard BeanCast described as “the marketing 101 class of your dreams.”