Candace Parker

Graphic Designer

Candace grew up in Katy, Texas and has degrees from both Texas A&M University (’08 WHOOP) and the Art Institute Houston. She worked as a graphic designer at Igloo Products Corp. for 3 years & did some freelance design before making her way to Bullpen Marketing in late 2016. Her world revolves around her son, Dylan George. She enjoys all things HGTV, tending to her Etsy shop & planning her next vacation. Her hobbies include cooking/grilling, shopping & trying new classes at the gym.

Me in 5 words.
Mom, Daughter, Aunt, Ambitious, Happy

Best vacation ever? Where & Why?
Exuma, Bahamas because SWIMMING PIGS, beautiful secluded beaches & delicious food.

Favorite Cartoon?
Magic School Bus

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you want to have with you?
Phone, Solar Charger & Champagne!

If you could choose one store to shop at unlimited for free, where would it be?
Target for sure.


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