Katherine Smith

Branding Specialist

Katherine Smith joined the Bullpen team in January of 2016 as a Branding Specialist. In this role she enjoys building relationships with her clients and helping them discover creative ways to promote their business. Katherine earned her marketing degree from Mississippi State University but quickly returned home to Katy, TX after graduation to marry her high school sweetheart.  She   jumped into her marketing career as a Customer Marketing Specialist with Cy-Fair Magazine and is now thrilled to be working with an agency. Some of her favorite clients to work with are private schools, because she once was a private school kid herself.

Favorite Dessert:

Blue Bell Ice-cream. The 2015 Blue Bell famine were the worst few months of my life!

What do you do outside of Bullpen?

I love doing DIY projects, decorating, thrift store shopping and catching up on my weekly TV shows.

Favorite Social Media Network?

Instagram. I love that it is just pictures!

Favorite app you would recommend?

Shop Style. It’s dangerous for anyone who loves the word “SALE” as much as I do.

What super power would you like to have?

I wish I had a magic wand like Harry Potter. I love the scene where they make the dirty dishes wash themselves. I could definitely use that!

Coffee or Tea?

Dr. Pepper

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