Robert Melvin


Robert Melvin oversees sales, marketing, finance, and operations for Bullpen Marketing. But his favorite role is helping our clients better promote the value of their products and services. He believes that nothing happens until something is sold and at the end of the day, that’s what our clients care about the most (they’re constantly looking for better ways to persuade minds and to increase revenue). His branding advice to our clients is simple. If you brand your love, people will love your brand.

Prior to joining Bullpen Marketing in 2004, Robert Melvin had spent his entire career in the technology industry. In the early 80’s he sold first generation microcomputers and software for ComputerCraft, which was at the beginning of the Information Revolution. After a few years of selling computers and software solutions, he became intrigued with the notion of allowing computers to talk to one another. He then went to work for the Western Union Telegraph Company as a data communications analyst. It was there he studied data communications and was involved with the field implementation of a Value Added Network service called EasyLink. Ahead of its time, EasyLink forged the way for what is known today as Email. He eventually moved his career away from the field level to corporate and functioned in several highly visible marketing roles for Compaq Computer Corporation, Bridgeway Software, and Sun Microsystems. It was at Bridgeway Software in 1994, where he and Colin Hageney met.

In addition, Robert Melvin has also served as the Job Referral Director for the Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association since 1997. This is the longest held successive board position in the history of the American Marketing Association. In this role, he pioneered the weekly AMA Houston Job Referral e-Newsletter and evolved it to one of the best marketing job pipelines in the country while helping thousands of people find jobs.

Robert Melvin graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.


Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?

Game of Thrones

What super power would you like to have?


Cat or dog person?

Absolutely, both

Book you recommend for leisure reading:

The Celestine Insights

Famous person you would like to meet (living or dead)?

Iron Mike Ditka

The person you admire most and why?

My Mother. She carried me into this world and gave me unconditional love.

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