Sheri Deloney

Accounting Manager

Sheri joined the Bullpen team in 2011 as our rock star accounting manager. When it comes to numbers she can be considered a mathemagician and when it comes to spirits—well—let’s just say her nickname around here is the Sangria Scientist. Born and raised in Houston, this native has over 20 years in the advertising specialty business working her accounting magic. Apart from juggling receivable, payables, decimals and percentages, Sheri supports the Bullpen staff and helps us all keep our sanity.

Me in 5 words:

A person of few words (LOL)

Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?

Game of Thrones

iOS or Android?


What do you do outside of Bullpen?

Love decorating & gardening

Best vacation ever?

My Alaska Cruise. I recommend that everyone experience that.

Cat or dog person?

Cats all the way (even though I’m deathly allergic)

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