Everyday Clever Ways to Prevent Brain Drain this Summer!

Summer is a good time for both teachers and students to take a break but it’s important to keep those brain muscles flexed. Here are some fun learning exercises for everyday events that will help keep the brain active and ready for the new school year.

At home:
Keep a journal/blog: students can stay sharp in their writing by keeping a journal or a blog. Encourage the students to write about activities they are participating in and share with friends and family.
Write a comic strip: this is a fun way to develop creativity, writing and humor all in one activity.
Build and manage a lemonade stand: this is a classic summer activity that offers many lessons in both math and business.
Plant a garden: planting a garden can be a good opportunity to teach children about nutrition and growth.


Going out:
Go out to eat: challenge your students to do math at a restaurant by asking them to see how much food they can afford with a certain amount of money.
Visit state and national parks: parks typically offer a variety of learning opportunities and this can also can be a fun family experience.

Who knew these summer activities could turn into learning opportunities?! There are so many other daily activities that can turn into learning/mini reviews to keep the brain active. Be creative this summer!