(Logo and Mascot Design)

Branding is the foundation for every successful marketing plan, no matter if created for a Fortune 500 company or your school. What’s more, in this down economy, competition between public and private schools is increasing daily. To keep your school ahead of the curve, you need a strong brand identity that continually creates awareness among your entire community, including current and prospective students, parents, faculty and staff.

Does your brand make the grade? Start by answering these few short questions:

(1) Can your community identify your logo or mascot from a line up?
(2) Does your community know your tagline by heart?
(3) What are your school’s official PMS colors?

If you find yourself struggling to answer these questions, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your brand and strengthen your foundation. At Bullpen, we can help shine some light on whether or not your school needs a major marketing overhaul or a simple brand renovation.

See examples of brand identity that Bullpen has created by clicking here.