Marketing Audits

Why do YOU need a marketing audit? An independent outside view of your school can help minimize expense and waste, significantly. Most often, a school is too close to the situation and simply can’t manage to see “the forest for the trees.” At Bullpen, our marketing audit can help you reassess, refine and reallocate your school’s current marketing efforts and budget by trimming back and cutting out deadwood, while highlighting areas for new growth.

The Marketing Audit process starts with a Goals Analysis. For instance, you may want to increase enrollment figures. Or achieve greater awareness in your community. Perhaps, simply refresh your brand? Whatever your needs, modest or complex, we’re here to help.

The On-site Audit is usually a daylong event conducted at your school. During this visit, we meet and review all current marketing strategies, tour your facilities and speak to administrators, staff and students. Next, we evaluate all necessary data, including information compiled about your competition. Finally, we prepare a customized Audit Report, complete with a key list of marketing suggestions designed specifically for your school.

Ultimately, you end up with a healthier, integrated marketing plan that is no longer bogged down with a forest of inefficient and ill-fitting pieces. That’s cohesive academic branding from Bullpen: audit, polish and shine!