Photography and Videography

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  How true!

Photography used in your school’s marketing pieces (like your admissions brochure, website and signage) can be powerful in telling a story or conveying a message. A picture can always make an emotional appeal, when even the most elegant of words fall short.

Booking a photo shoot with Bullpen means that our team comes prepared.  We will know your school’s goals, your message, and the photos you will need to convey that message.   We will supply the art direction, working with you to suggest shots that we think will work best to accomplish your goals.  Your school will have ownership of all final images. To see a few examples of our photography work, click here.

Video is another way to capture viewer interest.  Several of our schools are adding videos to the mix, enhancing the overall web experience. Including an admissions video (or multiple videos) on your site is an exciting way to introduce a prospective family to your school. In fact, YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular form of social media used for student recruiting. So keep in mind that whatever your school’s vision and budget may be, video can play a part.  Bullpen can offer you an a la carte menu of video services tailor-made to add shine to your website. See some of our school videos here.