Spirit Items and Apparel

At Bullpen Marketing, we consider ourselves to be a fully integrated marketing firm. So, just what does this mean—and how does it benefit your school? Simply put, “fully integrated” means we do it all.

We can design your school’s logo from scratch or use an existing one, then, here’s the amazing part:  we can follow through by supplying the items and production needed to send your brand out into the world.  We can have your logo printed on paper, embroidered on uniforms, imprinted on school spirit items, and standing out wherever and on whatever else that you can possibly imagine.

No matter if your logo comes from Bullpen or elsewhere, we will take all the care in the world to make sure it looks great in its next incarnation.  Think YOUR SCHOOL LOGO GOES HERE.  And we mean just about anywhere, on anything.  Apparel items for students, faculty and staff.  Teacher appreciation gifts.  Recognition trophies and awards. Fundraising temptations. Bullpen can offer you all manner of spirit items and ideas to stock your school (and online) store shelves.  We have the expertise and promotions know-how to help your school find the best items suited to your needs and budget range.

At Bullpen, we can help brand your school — then turn around and make sure your brand shines in every way possible.  Shop our online store now or call us, today, and let us help you find those perfect brand ambassadors: 713.652.2030.