The New Face Of Panther Pride

The start of the 2016-17 school year marks an exciting time at St. Pius X High School. Amongst the schools celebration of it’s 60th Jubilee, welcoming a new head of school, and opening the doors of its new science and media center, St. Pius X has also unveiled its brand new panther mascot.

Since its first incarnation in 1958, the SPX Panther has evolved into many different shapes and forms. Bullpen Marketing spearheaded the latest panther design (pictured below) 10 years ago and was fortunate enough to be a part of the newest design announced on August 4.

Designed by Bullpen Marketing, an experienced marketing agency specializing in academic marketing for private schools, the new Panther mascot presents a clean, refreshed design with a sleek, modern look and feel that can be used cohesively throughout our school community. The school’s primary colors (black, white, gray and orange) are reflected in the mascot.

“We are excited to present the newest incarnation of our panther mascot, Beppo,” said Carmen Armistead, the new head of school for St. Pius X High School. “We’re confident this new look, along with the new White Family Center for the Sciences and Media will generate a spirit of new life and energy as we thankfully celebrate the 60th Jubilee of our great school.”

Old-pantherThe newly designed Panther mascot, comes from more than a year of research and design. A survey about the previous mascot was sent to the entire school community in the spring of 2015. All feedback and ideas were taken into consideration and once it was determined a new look was necessary, a focus group was formed that included SPX alumni, students, faculty, staff and athletic administrators. The logo reflects recommendations made by this group to Bullpen, which included presenting a mascot that was in profile view, aesthetically simple, modern and timeless, with a fierce, yet stoic disposition. Additional recommendations were to incorporate the SPX brand colors in a design that is unique to SPX and could be used universally throughout the school.

“We are proud to have worked with St. Pius X to create a distinctive new mascot for the Panthers,” said Bullpen President and CMO Colin Hageney. “The newly imagined Panther is bold and modern and reflects the spirit and determination of the SPX community!”

There is renewed excitement across campus about the mascot and over the course of the school year it will become integrated throughout SPX, including athletic uniforms, spirit items and merchandise.

To ensure consistent use of the new mascot and other St. Pius X marks across the school community, Bullpen also created a brand standards which can be viewed here.